Tomato plant growing up string

How do you support your greenhouse tomatoes?

I’ve tried a few different ways of supporting my greenhouse tomatoes, usually involving a tangle of garden canes. But I’ve not really been entirely happy with the results; there’s always been a bit too much flopping around when the plants are laden with fruits. So this year I’m trying out growing them up strings tied to…

Half standard gooseberry

Standard gooseberries

I first saw gooseberries being grown as standards at Hanbury Hall and it was love at first sight. Standards have a bushy head on a short trunk, instead of the bush being close to the ground. This form makes it easy to pick the fruit and it saves space, because you can grow stuff around the base…

A ripe strawberry

The first strawberry of the summer

On Tuesday last week, I picked (well, my little boy picked) the first strawberry of the summer. And here it is: I put two strawberry plants in pots in the greenhouse last autumn in the hope that we’d get an early crop, and it’s worked. The plants outside are at least a couple of weeks…

Corn salad growing in a raised bed

Winter salad plug plants

I’ve never really managed to sow salad successionally through the summer and time it right so I can overwinter some. So, last autumn, I ordered some organic winter salad plug plants from Delfland Nurseries. The pack contained 10 plants each of: Winter Purslane (Claytonia) Corn Salad (Lamb’s Lettuce) Land Cress Lettuce ~ Winter Density Lettuce ~ Arctic King Wild…

Gabon filled with broken paving stones

The great gabion garden wall

This year’s big garden project (well, one of them) is building a low retaining wall using gabions. It’s going to replace a steep slope between the lawn and the patio where nothing really grows very well. Gabions are flat-packed boxes made from welded metal mesh that you fill with stones or other material. The ones…

Beetroot seedlings

Sowing beetroot in modules

This year I’m experimenting with sowing beetroot in modules and then planting out, rather than sowing direct. Here’s some of a variety called Boltardy going strong in the greenhouse. Have you tried this? Did it work for you? And what other veg do you start off in modules?

Bread bin with salad growing in it

Repurposed bread bin salad planter

The gorgeous weather has made for a hectic April and I’ve neglected the blog. Fortunately, the garden hasn’t been quite so neglected and I’ve made good progress on sowing, planting, weeding, tidying and construction. I’ll post more about all of these soon, but first I wanted to share my bread bin salad planter. Our old…